Player versus Player (PvP) Combat

Gekkeiju Online™ has a completely free PvP. This means that no matter who, when and how many times you kill, you won't need to explain your actions to the administrators. However, the game forces certain restrictions on killing to make mindless slaughtering a bit more challenging. The system also somewhat protects those who don't want to PvP.

Guarded Zones

Some regions in Gekkeiju Online™ are marked as Guarded. This means that killing other players inside these regions should be avoided. If attacking any player or their pet in such a region, the attacker will be flagged as criminal.

Criminals are actively hunted by city guards. In fact anyone who types 'guards' in the say-channel, will alert guards to scan the whole region for criminals. Guards will then teleport to the criminal and kill them immediately. Attacking or killing a criminal won't flag the attacker as criminal.

When a criminal gets killed, he'll automatically drop his whole inventory on the ground and be teleported to the nearest jail. Time in jail varies based on the crime commited, and only counts time spent online. Because of this, killing players in guarded zones is highly discouraged.

PvP Zones

Most of the non-newbie regions in the game are PvP. This means that anyone you meet can attack and kill you. To avoid getting attacked and killed you should remember to always act nice towards other players and not be annoying when using the public chat channels.

PvP gameplay in Gekkeiju Online™ is based on 3 different PvP status flags: neutral, hostile and murderer. Any neutral player who attacks another player or their pet turns hostile. This also applies if a hostile player is attacked. The hostile-flag will go away in 2 minutes. No penalties apply when attacking and killing hostile players. However, when killing a neutral player the killer's status will be set to murderer and they will gain murderer points.

Characters with murderer-status have a very high chance of dropping items when killed. Attacking and killing murderers in PvP regions does not flag the attacker hostile nor murderer. The table below shows the system in action:
Player XPlayer YActionPlayer X resultAdd murderer points
The only way to remove the murderer-status is to kill monsters to get rid of the murderer points. The amount of experience required depends on the amount of players killed and the level difference between the killed and the killer. Killing lower level players will increase the required amount a lot more.


Battlefields are areas and regions where no PvP rules apply. This means that killing any player in them doesn't flag the killer as hostile nor murderer. Battlefields are mostly found as PvP Tournament Arenas and event regions.

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