Mounts and Pets

Gekkeiju Online™ has a very detailed pet system which allows both training of pets and their usage as mounts. When using pets as mounts the player will move at a lot higher speed which makes traveling a lot quicker.

How to get a mount

The only requirement of getting a mount/pet is to have character at level 20. After that, player gets access to all mounts in the game.

There are several different ways to get a pet. The easiest, while probably the most costly, solution is to buy one from Stable Master NPCs. Better option for the new players is to try and buy the pet from other players as this is usually a lot cheaper. For a bit more experienced players the best option is to become an Animal Tamer by joining the Animal Tamers-guild which is for the Warrior-Class. Animal Tamers are able to tame almost any of the animals in game to be used as mounts.

Mounts are sold as Mount Deed-items. These deeds can be used anywhere to summon the mount at the location. After being summoned, the mount can be turned back into scroll by talking to a Stable Master NPC. However, this costs 1,500 gold coins.

How to train a mount

If a player wants to train a mount then the best solution is to join the Animal Tamers-guild as they are the only guild that gets access to mount level advancement. Non-tamers can always gather experience for their mounts and then ask a Tamer to do the advancement but this usually costs.

Training a mount is relatively easy as long as the owner is able to keep the mount alive. When not riding a mount, the mount will gain experience like it was in a party with its owner. This means that the mount will gain experience whenever it's near the owner.

Mounts do not automatically attack foes but they do defend themselves if attacked. They also will not follow the owner around. Animal Tamers, however, are able to command their pets to attack their foes and to follow the owner around if wanted.

How to take care of the mount

The most important thing to remember when considering getting a mount is to remember that the mount needs to be fed. Feeding of mounts can be done with pet food that is available at Stable Master NPCs. If a mount is not fed then it'll starve and die. The mount's hunger counter shows up below the mount's health when not riding.

It's also important to remember that if the mount dies then its corpse will rot away which means permanent death for the mount. It's possible to resurrect mounts as long as their corpse remains. This can be done with either resurrection-spells or Animal Tamers' Veterinary-skill.

Fighting when mounted

Quite many players will want to fight while riding as this keeps the mount safe from foes. To be able to fight when riding the players needs to have the Mounted Combat-skill. Without the skill the attack and parry chances are greatly lowered. Fighting with ranged weapons is impossible when riding.

It's important to remember that certain foes are able to dismount the player so basically force them down from the mount. This can potentially put the mount into danger of being targeted by nearby foes.

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