Fashion Set

Fashion Set is one of the nicest character customization features of Gekkeiju Online™. By using the fashion set the player is able to show different armour or clothes than they are wearing. This allows for example the players to look like they were wearing clothes while still having some heavy armour equiped. This system allows players to have completely unique looks from others.

How to use the fashion set

Using the Fashion Set-feature is as simple as few clicks. First you'll have to wear whatever outfit you want to show in your Fashion Set. Once you're wearing the items you like, you can press the “Copy to Fashion Set”-button in the Inventory-window. By doing this, the worn items will be copied to the Fashion Set. After this you can select to use the Fashion Set instead.

Once you're using the Fashion Set, it's possible to change whatever you're wearing and the Fashion Set will still show whatever was copied there. Items that have been copied to your Fashion Set also do not need to remain in your inventory. You'll only ever need the items again if you want to change how your Fashion Set looks and want to use some of those items again.

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