Crafting Professions

Crafting Professions are abilities every character can choose regardless of the character class. Each character can select up to 3 crafting professions at Profession Master-NPCs in Crafting Halls that are found in most towns.

Crafting Professions allow processing of materials into ingredients or usable items and equipment.


The first requirement to be able to craft is to join a profession. After that, the Crafting-window will have a tab for the profession which contains known crafting recipes and other information about the profession.

Most professions require a crafting tool and some facility like a workbench or forge nearby. The tools can be bought from Profession Vendors at Crafting Halls. Crafting facilities are found in almost all towns but especially in all Crafting Halls.


Crafting Professions are split into proficiency levels, called Tiers. To be able to advance to the next Tier, the character must first get the necessary crafting experience points to the required amount. The amount of experience needed shows also in the Crafting-window.

Gaining of Profession Experience happens through crafting of recipes. Different recipes give different amounts of crafting experience points.

Once character reaches the max required experience points, the Tier will either automatically advance for some Professions, or the character needs to talk to a Profession Vendor of the same profession to get an Advancement Quest.


Professions also have Mastery-experience. These are experience points that will be gained after the normal crafting experience has been maxed. However, there are some restrictions. In order to gain mastery experience the character must have:

  • Advanced to the next tier (finished Advancement Quest)
  • Maxed the Mastery-experience of previous Tier

After maxing the Mastery-experience the character has a chance of scoring a Critical Success. A Critical Success can either give bigger quantity of the item or a better version of it.

List of Professions

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