Boats and Naval Battles

Player commandable boats are one of the nicest features of Gekkeiju Online™. Players are able to purchase and customize boats which can then be used to sail the seas and then of course for naval battles against other players.

The player boats come in different shapes and sizes. Each of the boats have different amount of passenger seats and cannons. Most of these boats allow the increase of both cannons and passengers with boat customization scrolls. However, each boat has a certain max amount of cannons and passengers they can contain.

How to get and customize a boat

The only way to get a boat is to talk to a Shipmaster NPC and buy a ship deed. The ship deed can then be used near a sailable region such as sea or most of the bigger lakes to deploy the boat.

Customization of boats can be done with customization scrolls that are also sold by the Shipmaster NPC. There are different kinds of customization scrolls such as different sail symbols, additional cannons and more passenger seats. These scrolls must be used at the boat deed to apply them.

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