Developers and Volunteers

Gekkeiju Online™ was originally developed by just one person, Suvi, for quite many years. However, nowadays the game has a graphics artist and several volunteers working on it more or less actively.

A Big thank you to all those who have contributed to the project. Without you the game would have never gotten this far.


Suvi Aalto

Founder, main programmer & project leader. Also did most of the current (bad) graphics in the game.

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Kaitlin Murken

Started working on 2d Grapics and clothes textures during the development of the New World-version of the game. In addition to graphics, she also did some voice acting for the game.


John Konke

Fallen tree and tree stump models

Alex Stunts

Voice acting

Pásztor Tibor Viktor

Voice acting

Kristen Whitmire

Voice acting

Tristan Ryder


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