2012/9/26 Gekkeiju Online™: The Beginning™

    Gekkeiju Online™: The Beginning™ under development

    HELSINKI - 26 September 2012-- Coolhouse announced today that Gekkeiju Online™, the free-to-play online role-playing game, will re-launch with a totally redone version of the game, Gekkeiju Online™: The Beginning™.

    The new version of the game has been under constant development for 1 year already and is planned to launch in around 2014. The currently running version of the game will continue to run but will not be receiving new feature updates as all the development resources are now fully concentrated on the new game.

    The character data from the current version will also not be carried over into the new game. Account information, however, will be. This means that Award Points will be carried over. Players are also likely going to receive rewards in the new game depending on the total experience of their characters in the current version of the game.

    Gekkeiju Online™: The Beginning™ will introduce a new free-to-play business model that includes microtransactions. This means that the donations-function will be replaced with an automatic system for buying the currency used by the microtransactions. Players will be able to buy special cosmetic items and additional content packs. Buying of equipment, or anything that would turn the game into pay-to-win, will not be possible.

    The current award points will be converted into the new microtransaction currency. It is also going to be possible to earn the new currency through active playing

    Gekkeiju Online is a Completely free-to-play fantasy-themed 3d multiplayer online role-playing that delivers a unique gaming experience in a gigantic interactive world. The game has redefined the standards for free-to-play online role-playing games in terms of fun, gameplay and character development.

    Gekkeiju Online features unique and highly customizable character development system that allows every character to be different from others. The result is a unique and entertaining gameplay experience. There are nine races, that each have their pros and cons, from which players can freely choose. One of the popular features is to completely furnish your own player house or store items in it. Players can also tame animals to be used as pets and then train them for combat. Thanks to wide customization options, entertaining Player vs. Player features, huge crafting system and highly detailed quests, Gekkeiju Online is sure to have something for everyone.

    For more information about the game, visit www.gekkeijuonline.com.

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