Chronicle I: Tales of Xalenia - Storyline

    Over 100 years ago the continent of Xalenia was hit by a huge meteor which ended the long lasting battle between humans and dark elves, called the Blood War. The meteor caused what has later been called a cataclysm. Almost all inhabitants of the continent had to flee, and only recently the survivors and their descendants have been able to return to their homelands.

    It's now time of rebuilding. Lots of things have changed in Xalenia during those years - and not all positive. There is a constantly growing, yet still unknown evil that shadows the lives of all Xalenians.

    Many new strong factions have also established a foothold on the continent. It's only a matter of time before a new conflict may be upon the population of Xalenia.

    Are you ready to uncover the secrets and treasures of Xalenia?

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