Game Information

    Gekkeiju Online™ is a free-to-play fantasy multiplayer online role-playing game with stunning 3d graphics. Join players from all over the world to explore a gigantic world and live through a unique game experience.

Why play Gekkeiju Online™?

    It's completely free!
    Gekkeiju Online™ is completely free to join and play. There's no hidden costs, just make yourself an account and play for as long as you want.

    Long history
    Gekkeiju Online™ has been running and constantly updated since 2003. This proves that the game is here to stay and not going to disappear like so many others have.

    Huge ever-growing world
    The game world is huge and ever-growing with hundreds of Quests for solo-play, parties and raids.

    Five Character Classes
    Be a strong warrior, civilized commoner, powerful magic user, holy divine artist or a chaotic dark artist! Each with their own guild options.

    Advancement with Experience
    With the experienced based advancement you can spend your experience points to advance skills and spells instead of just levels.

    Great Fashion Feature
    Customize your character's look with hundreds of different fashion-items. Save the fashion-set and wear it over your armours.

    Form clans with your friends and raid instance dungeons for highly valuable rewards.

    Make parties up to 8 players, and go adventuring and solving quests together.

    Friends and Enemies
    A very useful friends- and enemies-list keeps track of your friends and enemies who are online at the same time.

    Tameable Creatures
    Tame almost any creature as a rideable mount or train it for combat.

    Player Housing
    Get your very own house and decorate it in any way you want. You can also store items in your house.

    Buy your very own boat, add cannons and conquer the seas!

    Detailed Crafting
    Choose up to 3 crafting professions from 13 and make for example your own weapons, healing potions and food.

    Musical Instruments
    Show off your musical skills to others by playing the musical instrument of your choice.

    Change your character class and race at any time while keeping your hard earned experience points.

    Official Events
    Join the weekly official events such as PvP Tournaments or Naval Battles.

    Helpful Community
    Share your opinons and questions at our friendly community forums.

System Requirements

    While Gekkeiju Online™ does work on relatively old systems, meeting at least these requirements is suggested:

    3D card with pixel shader 2 support
    512+ Mb of RAM
    150 Mb of hard disk space
    Pentium 4 (or compatible) 2400 Mhz
    DirectX 9c+
    Windows XP Service Pack 2+
    Broadband connection (256/256 ADSL or better)

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