Gekkeiju Online™ is a free to play game but running it is not free. The bandwidth and other upkeep costs are paid by the developers so you can keep playing the game for free.

    Gekkeiju Online™ is now accepting donations from the players to support further development, hardware upgrades and the upkeep costs of the server.

    The Administration of Gekkeiju Online™ will be rewarding the donators with Award Points. To calculate the amount of Award Points you'll get, use the Award Point Calculator in game (/help apcalc).

    All donations are personal and don't exclude the user from game rules. We reserve the right to remove and ban the user at any point and/or take away his award points. None of the donated money will be paid back to user in any case. If you're going to donate you need to be at least 18 years old or have your guardians' permit to do so (or whatever is required by your local laws).

    The donations can be made through PayPal with most Credit Cards. When using PayPal, remember to include the character's name you want the Award Points be given to.

    Award Points will be given only to one character from the donation and cannot be moved to other characters.

    To make a donation, use the button below:

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